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Leslie Fanelli and Creative Drama Participants
​​​​​​​Program One: Creative Drama workshops for groups of all ages, who have a multiplicity of abilities and disabilities.  These fun, hands-on, interactive workshops include drama activities comprised of theatre improvisation, storytelling, music, movement, a poem in theatrical American Sign Language, mime, and some visual art.  This program can be set up to meet your specific needs.  These workshops can be booked in increments of one or two sessions, or as a residency of your desired length.  In addition to focusing on any desired curriculum via Theatre Arts, our goals focus on improving: Communication; Cooperation; Self-esteem; Art for Art’s Sake; Having Fun!  (These are some of the tenets of Emotional Intelligence.)  Most of our programs are offered virtually.  

Theatre in Motion has created a new booklet entitled, "Nurturing Emotional Intelligence with Creative Drama, Acting, Improv, Music, and Visual Art via Live Classes and Zoom."  Please contact us to receive a free copy.​​​​​​​  (Cut and paste email address, if needed.)

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