Tony Award Winning Paper Mill Playhouse Affiliation

Theatre in Motion enjoys a rousing collaboration with the legendary Paper Mill Playhouse.  Leslie Fanelli is their lead "Theatre for Everyone Creative Drama" teacher.  Paper Mill (inclusive of its "family" of programs) won the Tony Award for Best Regional Theatre for 2016.  Pictured is Leslie with Producing Artistic Director, Mark S. Hoebee ... and with the Tony! 
image-542515-june 2016 TONY 4.jpg

The "Theatre for Everyone Creative Drama Class" at the Paper Mill Playhouse in Millburn, New Jersey, is a fun and bonding experience for everyone involved ... designed for student participants with disabilities, their parents and other caregivers, and typical siblings.  We are truly one big, happy family.

Teaching Artists Hannah Fanelli and Dr. Sean Dineen, D.Litt. round out the "Theatre for Everyone" teaching team.  We are pictured with Paper Mill Playhouse Producing Artistic Director Mark S. Hoebee, holding the Tony Award.

Enjoy these lovely mini-documentaries about the full program:


Also, enjoy this radio broadcast and article:

Hannah Rose Fanelli and the
Paper Mill Playhouse Tony Award!